MOVE Fitness & Pilates is a home studio, fully equipped with state of the art Merrithew equipment, offering private Pilates and movement training. We are located in the west end of Ottawa, Ontario.  

The STOTT PILATES method is proven to be effective in correcting muscle imbalances, improving posture and creating more functional and efficient breathing and movement patterns. For more information about STOTT PILATES visit

At MOVE Fitness & Pilates you will find specialized Pilates apparatus as well as other unique equipment to tailor your movement  session to your needs, including:

MELT Rollers, Hand & Foot Kits 

The  OOV® is a unique 3D balance training tool that enhances balance, mobility, stability and nervous system regulation. For more information about the  OOV® visit: OOV


" Danielle has guided me through some of the toughest parts of my life with unlimited support and expertise. I found Danielle while I was in treatment for breast cancer. I have now finished treatment and I continue my weekly sessions, with no intention of ever stopping! I 110% recommend Danielle and sing her praises to all those who will listen." - Beth Ciavaglia
"Danielle and I have been working on my imbalances for a number of years now with considerable success. Perhaps most importantly, Danielle demonstrates terrific communications skills. With me, she was able to describe what performing the exercises should actually feel like, making them not only more effective but more fun." - Bill  

"Whenever I go to Danielle with any kind of pain, whether it be gym related or work related, she is able to assess me, find the problem and is instantly able to execute the plan of action. Since I have been seeing Danielle, my posture, mobility and core strength, as well as my muscle recognition have improved remarkably well and I am able to utilize these strengths in all of  my other physical activities. I highly recommend her to all of my clients, friends and family.“ - Karen Newman

“I love working out with Danielle. Her expertise is helping me achieve my goals!“ - Kathy Bastin